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I have few words collected of the available information about what these are.

What is Diacetyl?

Diacetyl / 2,3-butanedion is an organic compound (ketone) and it is at room temperature (20 ° C) in form of green - sensitive yellow liquid with a characteristic odor. Its chemical formula is C4H6O2 and the structural formula is CH3COCOCH3.

2,3-butanedion molecular weight of 86.1 g / mol, a melting point of -2.4 ° C, boiling point of 88 ° C, the relative density of 1.0 g / cm 3 (water = 1.0 g / cm3), a flash point 6 ° C, and CAS 431-03-8. The substance is mixed with water. 2,3-butanedion is highly flammable and its vapor is heavier than air.

2,3-butanedion is the simplest of substances covered diketones group of substances, including the construction of two ketone.

2,3-butanedion/diacetyl is the essential flavoring agent in butter and sour milk products such as sour milk, sour cream, quark and creme fraiche. It is produced when beneficial microbes (lactic acid bacteria) connect with the effects of oxidation. Diacetyl also form as a by-product in beer fermentation process giving butter-like taste to the product. it is used in the manufacturing of micropopcorn to provide just this butter flavor.

Diacetyl in tar steam was in the 1930's the most powerful material in killing TB bacteria.

Environmental and health impacts.

Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause skin sensitization.

Prolonged inhalation of diacetyl may very likely cause an incurable lung disease.

Contact between diacetyl and Alzheimer's disease is suspected.

Diacetyl and its substitutes 2,3-pentanedion, 2,3-heksanedion and 2,3-heptanedion are used as as flavoring agents in E-cigarette fluids. Diacetyl and substitutes may lead to severe obstructive airways inflammation, obstructive bronchiolitis (bronchiolitis obliterans). On the basis of occupational exposure data, these substances are toxic, and the concentrations in E-cigarettes reach the same level, namely the risk to the lungs is obvious. Dozens of other lung damaging flavors are known.

Source: Barrington trimis JL, Samet JM, R. McConnell flavorings in electronic cigarettes - an unrecognized respiratory health hazard? JAMA 2014; 312: 2493-4. Written by: Heikki Ekroos MD, pulmonary specialist


Leipuri Hiivan products are a 2,3-Diacetyl butanedione free and although the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has classified these ingredients in food harmless, but in the form of vaping the problems are not yet sufficiently known. The most important thing anyway is that the used ingredients have been studied in a high-grade laboratory, in which case we can tell, the products are fully Diacetyl free. Leipuri Hiivan products are mainly used for candy flavoring and as a fragrance in soap and fragrance oils. Using these flavoring agents in E-liquids has also come to our consciousness so we looked that it's best to get studies from the flavor manufacturer to insure the purity of our products.

Leipuri Hiivan does not directly or indirectly take any responsibility for the use of these flavors as well as fragrances by our clients.
















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