What is Hiiva club?

Hiiva club was founded for high volume flavor concentrate users. For our members we offer both 6 and 12 month memberships. Hiiva club membership includes a monthly NO charge 20ml of your favorite flavor from our online store. And a 15-20% fixed discount. You also get additional 5% rebate for our products and you get a chance to test our newest flavors among the first.

How does Hiiva club work?

Every beginning of the month you will receive an e-mail inguiry. By answering you you can choose what brand you would like to have. If you don't reply we will send you the same flavor that we posted previously. This way your favorite flavor can not previously end.

How much the membership costs? 

There are two kind of memberships. A 6 and 12 month fixed agreements. Cost for 6 month is 80€ and 12 month costs 150€. The fixed term contract does not continue unless you renew the agreement.

Can i ever get rid off Hiiva club?

If the order is not reversed within 14 days after receiving of the first shipment, the order will automatically resume till the end of the agreement.  Membership is simple and does not have any dog buried in it. Otherwise we follow the general terms and conditions of Leipuri Hiiva online sale.

How much will i save money as a club member?

You will save at minimum more than  70€ ( 12 months ). When you notice both product and shipping costs.
You can view more & subscribe to Hiiva club  HERE!