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Mansikkalaku 10ML
  • Mansikkalaku 10ML
  • Mansikkalaku 10ML

Mansikkalaku 10ML


  • - Brand: Leipuri Hiivan
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Damage Juice has the honor to introduce the brand new aroma – Mansikalaku. Meet the exceptional strawberry liquorice aroma extract that will fill all your taste buds with genuine pleasure. This wonderful, well-balanced mix of sweet and soft flavor of strawberry followed by firm yet delicate scent of liquorice was designed to reach high quality. No more disappointments, no more mistakes. You have arrived to the right place that will provide you with the means to satisfaction.

How is that possible?

MANSIKALAKU – strawberry liquorice aroma extract that meet your demands 

The days of “everything is going wrong” are over. Thanks to Damage Juice and their fantastic combination of summer strawberry and liquorice your life will be full of happy and joyful moments. It is very easy to achieve. Add just a few drops to your coffee and you will taste the difference for sure. All those shades of grey magically disappear within seconds, all you see are the pleasant and cheerful sides of life. This is how Mansikalaku works. Let it do its job. All you need to do is to sit back comfortably and enjoy the effects.

Are you thinking about making something sweet for yourself? Why not add a small amount of strawberry liquorice aroma extract to your pudding? Sounds interesting, right? Well, the effect is incredible! This moment that you are about to take just for yourself just got way better! Enjoy the most extravagant flavor on your sofa. Maybe you will want to share it with others, or is it better to keep this secret for yourself?


Get this amazing aroma right at your doors thanks to Hiivaton.com! A few clicks of buttons takes you to the world of pleasure and joy. Don’t miss the chance to indulge yourself in the depth of aromas and complete satisfaction.

Flavoring drinks/beverages

Concentrates are great choice for flavoring water, soda drinks etc. You can create intresting extra tastes  to your coffee or tea!

Water flavouring

For 2,5dl glass of water: 3-6 drops (0,5ml). For 0,5l pint: 10-15 drops (0,5-0,75ml). For 1,5l bottle: 20-35 drops (1,0-2,0ml)

Coffee and tea flavouring

You can make flavoured coffee in two ways. You can either add the flavour to your coffee in the cup, or on top of the coffee powder in the coffee filter on your coffee maker. If you choose to add flavour on coffee maker, dose your coffee as usually and then add the extra flavouring. Dosing: to a cup of coffee: 4-6 drops, or to the coffee filter 4-6 drops/cup.


Using flavouring products is very usual in baking industry, but not so common when baking at home. Surprise yout guests with rich in nuanced cookies, intresting quarks and whipped creams. Only your imagination makes limits with flavouring concetrates! 

Flavouring yoghurt and quarks

Finns are on the top with eating the most natural (no added flavour) quarks and yoghurts. You can easily replace the berries and fruits with flavour concetrates. Flavouring: 5 drops/2,5dl of quark or yoghurt

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