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Do you remember those sweet, careless times, when you were in the kitchen together with your granny, helping her to bake the best buns in the whole wide world? First making the dough like a true pastry chef with a special paper hat on your head, then putting the buns into the oven with the most grace and dignity, waiting in front of the oven until they were ready... I can easily recall the smell that filled the kitchen. This sweet, soft and delicious aroma that was making me so hungry that I wanted to take them out at once! Yes, those were the times. Would you like to get back to that and experience the explosion of flavors? Now it's possible thanks to Leipuri Hiivan and their newest creation – Mumno – sweet buns aroma extract that will take you back in time to the best childhood memories. I hope you are ready for the ride! Oh, you don't need anything with you, everything is included in the price. You just sit back and enjoy.


It is so great to have you on board! Our journey will begin shortly. Let me just say, that you are about to enter the world full of joy, laugh, hugs and best stories told by your granny. And let's not forget about her pastries! We are glad that Hiivaton.com can provide you with such an experience. Make sure your seat belts are fasten and I think we are ready to go!
All you need to do it to add a few drops of Mumno into the dough and this sweet buns aroma extract will do the rest. Everything that you remember from your childhood, the smell, the taste, everything will be exactly the same as it was with your granny. Try not to burn your tongue while eating, they are hot!
If you feel like experimenting in your kitchen, you can always add Mumno to a simple yogurt to make it taste delicious! You will get hooked on this flavor so much, that you will want to taste it in everything you eat!


I know that you are already getting very impatient to try this new sweet buns aroma extract! Get your bottle of Mumno from Hiivaton.com and enjoy the time spent with your granny once more. Going back in time is really simple now.

Flavoring drinks/beverages

Concentrates are a great choice for flavoring water, soda drinks etc. You can create interesting extra tastes to your coffee or tea!
Water flavouring

For 2,5dl glass of water: 3-6 drops (0,5ml). For 0,5l pint: 10-15 drops (0,5-0,75ml). For 1,5l bottle: 20-35 drops (1,0-2,0ml)
Coffee and tea flavoring

You can make flavored coffee in two ways. You can either add the flavor to your coffee in the cup or on top of the coffee powder in the coffee filter on your coffee maker. If you choose to add flavor on a coffee maker, dose your coffee as usual and then add the extra flavoring. Dosing: to a cup of coffee: 4-6 drops, or to the coffee filter 4-6 drops/cup.


Using flavoring products is very usual in the baking industry, but not so common when baking at home. Surprise your guests with rich in nuanced cookies, interesting quarks and whipped creams. Only your imagination makes limits with flavoring concentrates!

Flavoring yogurt and quarks

Finns are on the top with eating the most natural (no added flavor) quarks and yogurts. You can easily replace the berries and fruits with flavor concentrates. Flavoring: 5 drops/2,5dl of quark or yogurt

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