Terms & Conditions

Down below you can find the Leipuri Hiivan online store's conditions and terms for using ordering informations and customer's personal details from 1.12.2016 on.

Service provider (Leipuri Hiivan Limited GB10550625) and customer who makes an order in Lepuri Hiivan online store, will identify himself/herself by adding personal data to the system of the page, have made the contract to the usage of this page.

1. Online shop
1.1. Leipurin Hiivan is the service providers online store, witch sells the products to the customers.
1.2. leipurihiivan.com and hiivaton.com is registereg trademark of the servce provider.

2. General information
2.1. Contracters will follow the law of the GB and the terms and conditions of this online store.
2.2. Service provider has right to do changes with service of this site at any time.
2.3. Service provider has eight to change the terms and conditions of the using contract at any time, and has no responsibility of informing about the changes for the customer by email.

3. Products and buying
3.1. Products on this webstore are usually available on the warehouse, eith customised/special orders the delivery time is about four weeks.
3.2. If the product is not available, or impissible to delivery, the seller is responsible to contact the customer and provide differect delivery time, similar product with the same price and quality, or money back. Money is returned as soon as possible, and at least in next  14 days from making an order.
3.3. Product pictures are referential, and may vary from the actual product. The    information of products may be incorrect.
3.4. The products on this site can be selled to private persons and companies.
3.5. Customer must be ay least 18 years old.
3.6. Customer selects the product and commits to give personal details as name, address, phone number, email address. Customer can pay via netbank link, credit card or pre bill.
3.7. Customer commits to give the righ personal details, to make the order. Service provider in not responsible with problems in ordering if it's caused of customer giving wrong information.
3.8. Product will be delivered after received payment.

4. Prices
4.1. All prices are in euros and include the taxes.
4.2. Service provider has right to change the prices at any time. If the price has changed right after the vustomer has made the order, service provider will commit to sell the product with the price what has been   valid at the moment of purchase. Customer has no right to demand the remainder of the price.

5. Terms and conditions of delivery
5.1. Delivery is processed inside the EU with the service that service provider has decided.
5.2. Customer pays for delivery at the webshop when paying the products. Products are delivered within 20 days, ehen the payment has registered at the bank account of the service provider. Products are delivered to the shipping address which the customer has given and the delivery time is decided with the customer by email or telephone. Post packet will be given only for the orderer with ID. The package will be given to othet person only if it's earlier announced and agreed with the customer and deliverer. 

6. Canceling the order 
6.1. If customer wants to cancel the order after ordering, the customer must inform the service provider with email at support@leipurihiivan.com. Announcement of cancelling must include tye information of ordered products, date od ordering and customers data (name, address, phone number).
6.2. Service provider will return the payment to the customer as soon as possible, at last 14 days from receiving the announcement of cancelling the order or from receiving the returned product.
6.4. The paymend will be refunded to the same pank account from where it's been received.

7. Right to cancel the order 
7.1. You have right to cancel your order and return the products in 14 days from the day when the order has made.
7.2. Returned product must be in selling conditions, unharmed, unopened, in original package.
7.3. Opened products can not be returned.
7.4. When your returning the product, you must do announcement to support@leipurihiivan.com. The announcement must include buyers  information as name, address etc, bill/order confirmation, reason for returning and further information and pictures if possible, if there is somwthing wrong with the product.
7.5. If you want to reyurn tje products, you must deliver then in 14 days from the announcement of cancelling the order/returning the products.
7.6. Money will be refunded in 14 days of receiving the announcement on cancelling the order. Money will be returned at the same bank account from where it's received.
7.7. Customer will pau the returning delivery to the product, unleast the customer has received a wrong product.
7.8. If the returned product is not filling the terms (terms and conditions 7.1.-7.4.)  the service provider will keep the product and money eill not be refunded. Customer is responsible for costs of delivery when returning the product for the customer.

8. Reclamation
You have 14 days right to claim from the product.

9. Customer's personal data and usage
9.1. Customer gives the service provider the right to use the personal data
9.2. Customers id data which the customer has given at ordering, can be used to recommending the product to the customer, improvement of the selling and will be saved to the customer registration.
9.3. When handling the information credit cards, the site will use protected SSL connection, Mastercard SecureCode, or verified by Visa.
9.4. Service provider wont be able to see anything from credit card information. Customer will be leaded securely to checkout or paypal to do the purchase. Card information will be saved to the register of the operator.
9.5. We get your personal id information when you become a customer after a registered order on webshop.
9.6. Registered id:s are your information which are needed to make an order, including your sur- and familyname, address, provude, postal code, email address, phone number, delivery form, used payment method, agreement to contract of using this webshop, agreement to receive commercials, etc.
9.7. Your personal id information will be used only ny Leipyri Hiivan Limited (GB10550652)
9.8.Your personal detail are given only for the deliverer
9.9. We will follow the law with using your personal information.
9.10. Service provider will not give any of your informations to the outsider
9.11. Service provider has right to give cuatomera personal informations to the outsider person, if the law demands it when used to protect the customer, other persons life, health ore freedom.
9.12. Customer has right to check their own personal information, change them or ask them to be removed from the register.
9.13. Customer gives service provider right to send order confirmation to the email which is given when making the order.
9.14. Cuatomer gives service provider a right to send offers by email to the email address that's given when making an order, if the customer has agreed the terms and conditions

10. Responsibility 
10.1. Service provider responsibility affects onyp the price of the product. Service provider is not responsible for damages ore financial loss caused by product, is product is faulty.
10.2. Customer commits to use the webstore by good maners and the way that law allows you tu behave.
10.3. Customer is responsible for getting all the equipments, apps etc needed to use this webstore and other costs caused by using this site.
10.4. Customer is responsible for breaking the contract with the store, criminal or bad maners torwards the service provider, other customers or people.
10.5. Manifacturer ei not responsible for damages caused by wrong usage of the product. The products are selled and used to professional usage with groceries or as eteric scent in candles.

11. Disagreement
11.1. If there is disagreement between customer and service provider, they're dealed as how GB:s law demands.

12. Terms for usage
12.1. You must be aware of terms and conditions of the webshop.
12.2. When ordering, the user will announce their agreement to the conditions and terms by crossing the square, announcing to understand all of the conditions and terms on the using contract.